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TJLacie Schreiber
TJLacie Schreiber on 6/2/2022
Essential health support for our kids and family! Our family have been ICE Clinic patients for the past 6 years. We love this clinic and all the services they offer. Dr. Kyle and his team are top notch in treatment and knowledge for full body health. We have had improvement for spine, neck, feet, knees, sinuses, sensory system, migraines, vertigo... Whole body health support. We love our visits so much.
Bree Dutton
Bree Dutton on 5/23/2022
I cannot recommend Dr. Kyle at Ice Clinics enough! He’s hands down one of my most favorite practitioners of all time. As a nurse, I appreciate his thoroughness, his knowledge, skills, and the time he takes to listen to me. I feel safe and confident in his care and am so grateful I get to be his patient!
Joy Fitzgerald
Joy Fitzgerald on 6/6/2022
I really didn't know how much difference in my life Dr. Kyle Bryant would make. He's actually helping me w problems I thought I'd have to just live w for the rest of my life. Pain that I just didn't know could be fixed! They have a system for getting to the root of what's causing me discomfort. "Integrative Chiropractic" much to my surprise, absolutely works. I was so tired of doctors just increasing my medications to "help" pain. This stuff really works! And the staff itself is fantastic - Rest assured Jackie (and the rest of the staff) will bend over backwards to see that you're happy! Thank you Ice Clinic for changing my life. I'm forever grateful! Joy Fitzgerald
Cindi B
Cindi B on 6/27/2022
I started seeing Dr. Kyle for severe sciatica/low back pain almost three years ago. We started on a journey where we partnered together to alleviate the problems I initially came in for, and we did! I now see Dr. Kyle on a monthly "maintenance" basis, but IMHO he is no typical chiropractor and maintenance is certainly not keeping with the status quo! Not only do I receive awesome spine/body adjustments, but we continue to work together each month on other things to improve flexibility, address any problems that come up, all with the goal of mobility and living my best, pain-free life! Thanks Dr. Kyle - I so appreciate you and everyone in your office.
Tess Mooney
Tess Mooney on 5/18/2022
Dr Eric Turner is absolutely amazing! Recently I’ve had a lot of back pain and no matter what I did or how I stretched I could not get out of pain. Until I was almost frozen in pain, my best friend recommended me to the ICE clinic. The team were able to get me in so quick and thoroughly. Very professional and personal, everyone was so nice and compassionate, no judgement or worry. After a few sessions with Dr Eric I feel like I can walk and move so much more comfortably. My back thanks you and the team!