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John Bieker
John Bieker on 7/28/2022
As a first time chiropractic patient, I was a little nervous about receiving an adjustment, but Dr. Eric quickly put my mind at ease. He demonstrated knowledge and professionalism as well as a friendly and easy-going approach. After a thorough examination, he made one quick adjustment (after which I felt much better) and I was done. He made no attempt to solicit additional visits and only said that he would be happy to help if I ever needed to see him again. I would happily recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care.
Linxiao Chen
Linxiao Chen on 7/18/2022
Been seeing Dr. Eric for a year. He is really professional, helped a lot with my sore neck/back. He also tunes my legs and arms for better strength and recovery from workouts. He is extremely nice and friendly too. My girlfriend saw Dr. Kyle several times. Also very positive experience. We have never been to chiropractors before. It turns out much more than we expected
Jodi Mcdowell
Jodi Mcdowell on 7/31/2022
Dr. Kyle is a miracle worker! Last year, our now 13 year old daughter, was terribly sick and we weren’t getting any answers from our doctors. We decided to take her into Dr. Kyle because her neck and shoulders were bothering her. He was the first medical professional to notice that her left pupil was larger than the other. He recommended a cat scan. A few days later she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor and was life-flighted to Seattle. She has finished radiation, chemo and is expected to be coming home in a few weeks! Our family is FOREVER grateful for his care and his attention to detail.
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell on 7/31/2022
I always recommend Dr. Kyle to everyone! I started seeing him two years ago because of hip pain that I had for years. PT never worked, other Chiropractors never worked etc. He took the time to ask important questions and after my first visit, I had immediate relief. I continued seeing him for follow ups and before too long, my husband, our daughter and son became loyal patients!Dr. Kyle is compassionate, pays attention to detail and cares about our whole health. Our teenage son is now considering going to school to become a Chiropractor. Thank you, Dr. Kyle, for caring for our family so well. -Brian and Jodi McDowell
Paula Smith
Paula Smith on 7/14/2022
Dr. Kyle is simply amazing. I’ve never had a more thorough chiropractor, he finds all the spots. His compassion is off the charts. I’ve gone through a rough patch recently and he has been so caring in regards to my mental health. I really love that he helps his patients achieve a level of wellness that focuses on quality of life. He doesn’t just crack bones, he incorporates strengthening exercise and imparts nutritional knowledge. So happy I found him three years ago. Chiro day is my favorite day!