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Amber Gehring
Amber Gehring on 11/24/2021
Dr Eric and the ICE team are absolutely amazing! I began coming to their office a little over a year ago with debilitating migraines and with Dr Eric's help my migraines have diminished drastically! Plus the whole staff are always so kind and welcoming. I highly recommend ICE clinics to anyone and everyone I meet!
Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson on 11/21/2021
Dr. Kyle and staff have been wonderful! My wife has been a patient for months, and they were able to do for her what others doctors were saying would require surgery. I recently started as a patient myself and have been very impressed. Thank you for all you do!
Jennifer Fleming
Jennifer Fleming on 11/20/2021
I was able to make a last-minute appointment, so was expecting to get a shortened amount of time with Dr Kyle. Not the case! He spent as much time as necessary with me to ensure I understood what he was doing and why. Awesome patient care!
Jamie Heise
Jamie Heise on 11/16/2021
Dr. Eric and the I.C.E. clinic have been wonderful. I came in with severe mid-upper back pain that had been going on for over a year. Dr. Eric educated me on how he would be doing adjustments to get me back to where I used to be. I was skeptical at first. After just my first adjustment I was feeling so much better, and today I feel like I did before I was injured. To anyone questioning whether it works, all i can say is trust the process. The I.C.E team and Dr. Eric will take care of the rest!
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison on 11/11/2021
Dr. Kyle and his staff are truly phenomenal and I can’t thank them enough. I am a musician and I developed debilitating wrist and thumb pain after practicing the violin, flute, and piano too extensively during the pandemic. I underwent months of other therapies and injections with no improvement and had a very hard time accepting that I would never be able to play like normal again. I was told surgery was my last option. Dr. Kyle brought me in and it changed everything. He determined that my thumbs were overcompensating for the weakness and misalignment in my pinkies, wrists, arms, and spine, and worked to correct it. After a several weeks of twice weekly adjustments, laser treatments, and rehab, I was back to normal, and now I go in every two to three weeks to maintain the progress. Other doctors wanted to feed me pills, inject me with cortisone, and cut me open, but Dr. Kyle found the root cause and fixed my hands for good. I can play all of my instruments and do all my other hobbies as well as ever, totally pain free, and I am so grateful for his care, compassion, and willingness to try anything to help me. He does not give up on finding a solution!