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Julie Rottinghaus
Julie Rottinghaus on 12/9/2021
Hands down, best chiropractic office ever!!! My favorite part is listening to Dr. Kyle’s tips for Tue. He himself is kind, compassionate about your care, and incredibly knowledgeable. I always walk away learning something new. Staff is patient and super helpful. I was in pain and within 2 visits my symptoms were gone. Don’t walk to him if you are suffering, run and see for yourself. Life is to short to be miserable.
Linxiao Chen
Linxiao Chen on 7/18/2022
Been seeing Dr. Eric for a year. He is really professional, helped a lot with my sore neck/back. He also tunes my legs and arms for better strength and recovery from workouts. He is extremely nice and friendly too. My girlfriend saw Dr. Kyle several times. Also very positive experience. We have never been to chiropractors before. It turns out much more than we expected
Amber Donlon
Amber Donlon on 12/16/2022
This was the first time I’ve been to a chiropractor that performed extremity adjustments in addition to spinal manipulations. It has been a game changer for me. The staff are super friendly and Dr. Kyle is very intelligent and full of medical information to help improve your overall health. He always asks how you are feeling and will provide adjustments and therapies for your specific ailments for that day. I’ve always been interested in a holistic approach to my own health and the treatments and therapy’s are helping me improve my health and well being! I always leave feeling good. Thank you!
John Bieker
John Bieker on 7/28/2022
As a first time chiropractic patient, I was a little nervous about receiving an adjustment, but Dr. Eric quickly put my mind at ease. He demonstrated knowledge and professionalism as well as a friendly and easy-going approach. After a thorough examination, he made one quick adjustment (after which I felt much better) and I was done. He made no attempt to solicit additional visits and only said that he would be happy to help if I ever needed to see him again. I would happily recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care.
Hailey Bird
Hailey Bird on 10/28/2022
Dr. Kyle and his staff are simply wonderful people to work with! I've been a patient for over a year now and I'm finally able to go longer between appointments because I'm having less and less re-occurrences of old pain. It takes trusting your doctor, and doing the work to help yourself get where ever it is you want to go!