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Maggie Aikala
Maggie Aikala on 11/23/2020
I've had trouble with my shoulders and lower back which I coped with but this summer I injured my left shoulder again and a friend suggested visiting Dr. Kyle. I have never been to a chiropractor my whole life so this was totally new to me. My initial appointment was in late September and Dr. Kyle is really good at assessing the situation and getting to work on what is causing the problem. He tells me what he is doing and for what reason. My left shoulder was the main issue for me and pain and restrictions in movement was not fun. With adjustments and exercises my range of movement for my left shoulder started to improve and that was probably after 4 to 5 visits. On my 10th visit my lower back was creating problems for me and Dr. Kyle worked on it and had some exercises and I left feeling so much better. I am so happy with results. Dr. Kyle is really good at what he does and you can tell he loves it, too. Staff is AWESOME!
Sarah C
Sarah C on 10/20/2020
I have been receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Kyle for thr last 3 years and have seen such a tremendous change in my body. I know when I need an adjustment right away. I sleep better, work better, and feel better. Not only does he and the rest of the staff take care of my physical well being but my mental health as well.
Neal deBuhr
Neal deBuhr on 10/22/2020
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my encounters with Dr. Turner. He's very passionate about helping, and it's very obvious. He answered all my questions, and gives me confidence knowing my family is in good hands! I highly recommend!
Nick Sandifer
Nick Sandifer on 9/30/2020
I highly recommend the ICE clinic. I started visiting Dr. Eric Turner after struggling with a workout-related chest injury for two years in college. He identified that a rib was slightly out of place, and after a few months of chiropractic adjustments and at-home exercises, my chest was feeling great and I was finally able to get back to doing my favorite sports. Dr. Eric did a fantastic job of explaining the rationale behind his adjustments and recommendations. Instead of just telling me what he was doing, he was able to explain WHY he was making certain adjustments—why he thought it would help and what effects he expected it to have. As someone who was a bit skeptical of chiropractics, this was a huge help (as I had many questions along the way). His approach also involved looking at other aspects of my lifestyle (including sports, exercise habits, occupation, etc.) and used that information to inform my treatment. As such he gave me suggestions for pre-workout stretches to avoid re-injuring myself in the future. 5 stars isn’t enough for this place.
Graysen Banta
Graysen Banta on 10/18/2020
My name is Graysen Banta! I have been battling back, neck, head pain for months now. I have been in 2 motor vehicle accidents that were very bad. Ive had a very severe concussion from one of those accidents. I am a competitive barrel racer and volleyball player and I for the past year I haven't been able to preform they way I want too. I am on the back of a horse 24/7 and to have pain the whole time is no fun. When someone told be about Ice chiropractic and Dr.Kyle I decided to give it a try, the Ice chiropractic team is amazing. Dr. Kyle finds the root of your pain and fixes it from there. One of my favorite things they have is rehab, they really focus on getting you better, I have been through a lot of chiropractors and I have never had one that actually focuses on your pain. I recommend ICE chiropractic 100%