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Cassie Fussner
Cassie Fussner on 4/23/2021
ICE clinics is amazing and I tell everyone I know. I always emphasize that they do extremities. Not everyone knows arms and legs are something to go see a chiropractor for! The new location is very nice with an area to stretch along with videos while you wait. I started to see Dr Kyle for my foot a few years ago and he helped me be able to keep my running mileage up while we worked on it. Now I go just to maintain alignment so nothing gets too bad before I notice.
James Freemon
James Freemon on 3/5/2021
For the last 10 years I have suffered with constant ankle pain from 4 extensive surgeries. I had to have all of my ligaments reconstructed, hardware installed and removed, along with surgery on my peroneal nerve. I was nearly ready to schedule my fifth surgery on this ankle in hopes to alleviate the pain. I saw success stories about how a Chiropractor was a able to alleviate pain in their extremities. I was terrified to allow someone to yank or touch my ankle especially after all of the videos I seen online. I was greeted and welcomed by the amazing staff as soon as I walked into the office. They were personable and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Eric took the time to get my surgical and trauma history. As we started in my first adjustment Dr. Eric was able to quickly identify 8 years worth of alignment issues as a result of my bad ankle. I have been compensating for my bad ankle causing hip, sacrum, back, and neck pain. My first adjustment Dr. Eric found my talus bone in my bad ankle was misaligned which no x-ray or CT scan found. As soon as Dr. Eric aligned my talus I had instant pain relief. I haven't been without pain in my ankle for 10+ years. I didn't think it would ever be possible, the feeling of the pain going way was indescribable. To this day I have been pain free in that ankle for over a month. I look forward to every visit and recommend Dr. Eric to every patient. With all the doctors I have seen Dr. Eric has been one of the best thus far. He is very thorough when explaining how the body works and how simple stretches and exercise can improve, repair, and correct bad habits. I'm so glad I took a chance and went into ICE. The whole team has been great to work with, they've been very accommodating to my crazy schedule. They truly deserve 10 stars.
Katya Kniahnitskaya
Katya Kniahnitskaya on 3/5/2021
My best friend recommended Dr. Kyle after I experienced severe hip and back pain. Prior to that, I had never visited a chiropractor and thus, was a little nervous. On my very first appointment, Dr. Kyle and his staff were super friendly and I felt like I came home. Dr. Kyle is amazing, he is not only very good at what he does, but is also very fun to talk to. He explained everything that he was doing and was completely open to questions. I went home that day knowing a lot more about the self healing properties and interconnectedness of the body, than I learned in several weeks of Medical School. That night, I slept like a baby. I woke up completely rested and could bend down and touch my toes (first morning in months). Dr. Kyle is an amazing listener and is able to incorporate the variety of physical activities that I do and their impact on my body, into the treatment plan. I will definitely be back and will strongly recommend him to every one I know.
LaRayne Jackson
LaRayne Jackson on 3/31/2021
For five years, I had bone on bone in my left knee. I was moving from Spokane and a friend recommended that I go to Dr. Kyle for pre-op therapy. I wasn’t real keen on seeing a chiropractor. I am sure glad that I did. The therapy straightened my leg out so that knee replacement would be easier. I had a quick recovery and I am doing great now. I would highly recommend the ICE clinic for pre-op therapy for knees. Thank you Dr. Kyle . Bob C
Sofia McGough
Sofia McGough on 1/17/2021
My husband and I have been coming to this practice for four months so far after a car accident and we couldn’t be happier. The staff is truly amazing from start to finish! The girls at the front are always kind and attentive, and you are greeted by name which is incredible. Once you see the doctor , you feel completely listened to and taken care off. I am looking forward to completing our treatment, but this will definitely be our place to go for all things PT and spinal goes for many years to come. Highly suggest giving this clinic a try because you will not regret it!