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colby carroll
colby carroll on 2/26/2020
I came to Dr. Kyle desperate for relief from my sciatica. I had been dealing with pain for about two years, but it had intensified in the past three months to a point that I couldn’t bear. My daily activities were tremendously impacted...and as a single mom of two energetic little boys, I knew I needed help. My first visit with Dr. Kyle immediately decreased my pain by at least 50%! I can’t even describe the joy and gratitude I felt. That allowed me to do ordinary things like climb into my car or kneel on the ground without freezing and wincing in pain. Christina fit me into Dr. Kyle’s schedule frequently so that we could restore my daily functions and remove the intense pain. After a series of visits and a tailored exercise/stretching plan, I can say that I am able to wrestle around with my sweet boys without pain. The staff is so knowledgeable and listened to what I was feeling in order to tackle the pain head on. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. Their excellence and attention to every detail has given me freedom that I had begun to fear would be a distant memory. I’m so thankful for this amazing team!!! God bless you all and thank you for helping me so incredibly!!!
julio morales
julio morales on 2/20/2020
Dr. Kyle has been treating me for the last 2 years, I recently got into a car accident and had stiffness in my neck and my back and has improved my range of motion. He is not your normal Chiropractor, the treatment and unique extremity he performs on the human anatomy phenomenal, one of my favorite techniques that he does on me is the Extremity Adjustment and Adjustment to the entire body, which has improved my Powerlifting and Soccer. I would recommend Integrative Chiropractic and Extremities and the entire team including Dr. Eric and Marcy and Christina and the new addition to the team.
Stacy Epperly
Stacy Epperly on 2/24/2020
(Bailey Epperly, Age 10) Dr. Kyle and the staff are absolutely wonderful! They take the time to really understand your needs and help you feel better. They have helped me with my headaches, neck and back tightness. He had helped me understand things that could be causing my headaches and I have had fewer since going there. I love going to my appointments also because they ask me how I'm doing and what is new with me and make me feel very comfortable while I'm getting worked on.They make me laugh and feel at home. I love the whole staff there, Thank you so much for your care!
Breanna Leigh
Breanna Leigh on 1/30/2020
As I’ve been seeing Dr. Kyle for almost two years, I was in a car accident right after the New Year & knew I’d be in the best of hands. I suffered whiplash & with that came tremendous neck & back pain. When my x-rays came back, he was the first Chiropractor to tell me I have a C2C3 fusion even though I’ve had previous scans done before. He is intuitive, goes beyond the bones implanting the importance of extremities, & truly pays attention to his patients needs. More importantly, the entire staff are the friendliest people in the world! The rehab portion of care is very unique to this area & has helped my recovery process even more. BEYOND happy being an ICE patient!!
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on 1/8/2020
I had a back injury 3 years ago that led to multiple additional injuries and an inability to work. Physical therapy and steroid injections weren't helping and I was losing hope. I withdrew from life and gained 140 lbs. I had horrible experiences with chiropractors in the past, so I was avoiding them. A friend knew this place was different and made me promise to go. The first visit was promising and productive. Dr. Turner has really made a difference in my life. I have been seeing him for 2 months and have regained hope. I am able to work out regularly and have already lost 20 lbs. I am very thankful for CRC helping me restore lost life.