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Gracie Herrera
Gracie Herrera on 8/10/2023
Dr. Joe at Ice Clinics has done MIRACLES with my 75 year old dad! He’s had a very bad tremor on his right hand, so bad he couldn’t write, eat, or hold anything with that hand. After his first session with Dr.Joe he immediately saw improvements with his strength and grip. He’s now able to grab a spoon and a pen and has started to write and eat with his right hand again! Best care and super friendly staff!
Jason Brady
Jason Brady on 9/22/2023
"I can't express enough gratitude for the exceptional care I've received from Dr. Kyle. When I first sought his help, I was dealing with excruciating pain radiating down my leg that disrupted my sleep and quality of life. Dr. Kyle's expertise and personalized approach made an incredible difference. His precise adjustments and holistic treatment plan not only relieved the leg pain but have also continued to address my lower back discomfort. Dr. Kyle's dedication to my well-being is evident in his thorough assessments, compassionate care, and commitment to long-term solutions. Thanks to Dr. Kyle, I've regained my comfort, mobility, and sleep. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain and a caring chiropractor who goes above and beyond to improve their patients' lives." - Jason Brady
Jon S
Jon S on 4/26/2023
Previously, I was skeptical of chiropractors. However, I had been suffering from upper back and shoulder pain for a few months. I had already visited with my family doctor and also tried massage therapy. Neither provided relief for very long. I was willing to try just about anything to permanently alleviate the pain. Dr. Eric at (ICE) is very kind and professional, but most importantly, I started feeling relief soon after our very FIRST appointment together. After our third appointment, I was feeling 100% again. I was amazed at how fast I improved. If you are in pain, I highly recommend not waiting to make an appointment. I wish I would have met Dr. Eric sooner!
Philip Marske
Philip Marske on 6/18/2023
I was having problems with my upper back and neck and it got to a point where I couldn't safely drive. After looking up ICE and reading the reviews I decided to give them a try. Dr. Eric is amazing and after the first adjustment I already started feeling better. I can say I'm back to normal now and it's all thanks to them. Reasonably priced and quick appointments.
John Airoldi
John Airoldi on 9/25/2023
Best chiropractory practice I’ve ever been to. They check all the boxes, friendly, polite knowledgeable, and a real holistic approach to their skills. I don’t think I would feel as good as I do now if I had not gone there because of my daughter and her testimony for iCE Chiropractic n Extremities ❤️😊