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Julie Rottinghaus
Julie Rottinghaus on 12/9/2021
Hands down, best chiropractic office ever!!! My favorite part is listening to Dr. Kyle’s tips for Tue. He himself is kind, compassionate about your care, and incredibly knowledgeable. I always walk away learning something new. Staff is patient and super helpful. I was in pain and within 2 visits my symptoms were gone. Don’t walk to him if you are suffering, run and see for yourself. Life is to short to be miserable.
Amber Donlon
Amber Donlon on 12/16/2022
This was the first time I’ve been to a chiropractor that performed extremity adjustments in addition to spinal manipulations. It has been a game changer for me. The staff are super friendly and Dr. Kyle is very intelligent and full of medical information to help improve your overall health. He always asks how you are feeling and will provide adjustments and therapies for your specific ailments for that day. I’ve always been interested in a holistic approach to my own health and the treatments and therapy’s are helping me improve my health and well being! I always leave feeling good. Thank you!
Amanda Doyle
Amanda Doyle on 4/19/2023
A coworker of mine highly recommended Dr. Eric for my shoulder and back pain that I have been having for a long time. I can't believe after my first visit my shoulder pain was resolved! We're continuing to work on adjustments and strengthening for my back pain which is steadily decreasing. I'm so glad for the recommendation and that Dr. Eric was able to help! I had been worried that I would be needing surgery or other procedures on my shoulders. Thanks Dr. Eric!
Rocio Goodey
Rocio Goodey on 3/4/2023
Dr. Eric was just a phone call away when I had muscle soreness from breaking my foot. It's the first break I've ever had and I felt scared and nervous, not knowing why my body was painful in unexpected places. He gave me quick and easily applicable advice that made me feel like I had control over my situation again. He's friendly, knowledgeable, and doesn't speak down to his patients. 10/10 will return to him.
Jon S
Jon S on 4/26/2023
Previously, I was skeptical of chiropractors. However, I had been suffering from upper back and shoulder pain for a few months. I had already visited with my family doctor and also tried massage therapy. Neither provided relief for very long. I was willing to try just about anything to permanently alleviate the pain. Dr. Eric at (ICE) is very kind and professional, but most importantly, I started feeling relief soon after our very FIRST appointment together. After our third appointment, I was feeling 100% again. I was amazed at how fast I improved. If you are in pain, I highly recommend not waiting to make an appointment. I wish I would have met Dr. Eric sooner!